Aesthetic Tooth and Gum Contouring

Some people don’t realize it, but the shape of the gums is just as important to a smile’s appearance as the alignment of the teeth. The gums frame the teeth, and they should be proportional and properly aligned.

Yet, the gums are sometimes imperfect, just as the teeth are. An uneven gumline can detract from the smile, as do overly prominent gums.

With the help of DFW cosmetic dentists, patients can correct unattractive gums. Through various gum contouring procedures, a cosmetic dentist can enhance the shape and size of your gums.

Whether a patient’s gums are too large, too small or asymmetrical, some sort of gum contouring can help address the problem.

In gum contouring, the cosmetic dentist may use a number of different techniques to improve the smile’s appearance.

If the problem is a “gummy” smile, the dentist can remove excess gum tissue. This is sometimes referred to as crown lengthening, because the end result exposes more of the tooth.

When the gums have receded and are too small, a gum graft can correct the problem. In this procedure, a piece of donor soft tissue is taken from elsewhere in the mouth, often the soft palate, and placed at the site of gum recession.

Not only does this procedure improve the appearance of the gums, it may also reduce sensitivity that can result as the tooth’s roots become exposed.

Patients with uneven gums may be candidates for combinations of these techniques. The dentist may either remove excess tissue or perform a gum graft to create a pleasing, consistent gumline.

Whatever form that gum contouring takes, the procedure is performed in the dentist’s office with the patient receiving a local anesthetic. Many dentists are now using lasers for this type of surgery, improving the experience for patients.

Correcting aesthetic issues with the gums is a relatively easy fix. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your gums, talk to one of our cosmetic dentists serving DFW to see if tooth and gum contouring is a good choice for you.