Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Has your dentist been recommending that you get a fluoride treatment? You may want to take the dentist up on that suggestion. Fluoride treatments have a number of benefits for patients.

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to strengthen teeth. The enamel can become demineralized when exposed to acids, which are created when oral bacteria feed on sugars that remain in the mouth after mealtime. Some of those minerals are replaced through food and drink, but for many people, that intake is insufficient to replenish all of the lost minerals.

Fluoride treatments help patients to overcome this concern. When the best dentists in Richardson provide fluoride treatments, they apply a concentrated gel or foam containing the mineral to the patient’s teeth.

The fluoride may be placed directly on the tooth surface or placed in a mouthguard, which is then set against the teeth. In either case, the tooth is exposed directly to the fluoride for just a few minutes.

Young children and teenagers benefit from fluoride because the treatments set the stage for strong permanent teeth. Younger patients need ample fluoride to ensure that their permanent teeth get the needed quantity of the mineral.

If you thought that fluoride treatments were just for children, though, think again. In fact, adults benefit even more from getting fluoride. Not only does the fluoride help to fortify the teeth, it also makes them more resistant to future decay.

Some patients may also benefit from supplemental fluoride tablets in addition to in-office treatments, and those tablets can be prescribed by your dentist.

Certain patients who may be particularly susceptible to decay, such as those with chronic dry mouth, gum disease or soft teeth due to genetic factors, should seriously consider additional fluoride treatments.

Patients do have alternative sources of fluoride, including toothpaste and drinking water (in some communities). However, the additional step of getting a fluoride treatment goes further in maintaining healthy teeth. This quick and simple treatment is valuable for patients, so take your dentist up on that offer of a fluoride treatment at your next visit.