Caring for your teeth while traveling or on the go

best dentists in DallasEven if you’re on vacation or traveling for work, you don’t get to take a break from good oral hygiene habits. It’s just as important to take good care of your teeth when you’re on the road as it is when you’re home.

The best dentists encourage their patients to continue to brush and floss regularly while they’re away. Try to maintain consistency in your routine, if at all possible. Take care of your teeth at the same time as when you are at home.

You can purchase travel-sized dental kits, including a toothbrush and toothpaste, at most drugstores. They’re so small that you can easily tuck them into carry-on luggage. Don’t forget to throw your floss in the bag, too.

In fact, if you’re a frequent flyer, it makes sense to keep an extra brush, toothpaste and floss in your bag at all times so that you’ll never forget it.

In addition to routine care, patients who are on the go should be prepared to handle dental emergencies if they arise, as well. The last thing you want when enjoying a long-awaited voyage is an unexpected dental issue throwing a wrench in your plans.

Ask your dentist what items you should include in a dental emergency kit, which is a first aid kit of sorts for the teeth. Know what to do if you break a tooth or lose a restoration. If you’re headed to a domestic location, you may even want to ask your dentist for the name of a local practitioner who you can consult in case of emergency.

It’s wise to take steps to prevent problems before you leave on your trip, as well. Have a dental exam in case you need any major treatments before you leave. Also, use common sense. Don’t eat anything or chew on non-food items that might damage your teeth.

You can protect your oral health while traveling if you know what to do. Be prepared, and you’ll come back home with as healthy a smile as you had before you left. For more information, contact one of our dentists serving Dallas Texas today!