Common Misconceptions about Dental Health

The best dentists in Plano often encounter patients whose misconceptions keep them out of the dentist’s office, potentially putting their oral health at risk. Here are some of the most common ones.

I brush and floss every day, so I don’t need to see a dentist

Wrong. Brushing and flossing only go so far to remove the plaque and tartar that stick to the teeth, particularly along the gumline, where the oral bacteria can do the most damage. A professional cleaning by a dental hygienist will clear away any of the sticky film that remains and builds up over time.

Dental checkups aren’t as important as my yearly physical exams

Many patients don’t realize that there is an important link between oral health and systemic health. Research has suggested correlations between gum disease and health problems like heart disease, diabetes and even pregnancy complications. So, yes, visiting your dentist on a regular basis is just as important as your checkups with your physician.

I don’t have any dental pain, so I don’t need to schedule an appointment

If you wait until pain develops to seek dental care, your problem probably has progressed to the point where you’ll need a more intensive intervention to treat it successfully. Your best bet is to seek routine preventive care, regardless of whether you think you might have a problem. This will help you catch issues like cavities and gum disease at earlier stages, when they are more treatable.

I rarely get cavities, so I don’t have to worry about tooth loss

Cavities aren’t the only factor in tooth loss. Gum disease can be a culprit, too. Plus, you can develop gum disease without getting cavities first. So, you should have your gums checked every six months to cut your chances of losing any teeth to disease.

It’s important to protect your oral health as a component of maintaining your overall well-being, so if you’ve subscribed to any of these incorrect beliefs, rid yourself of those notions. Be sure to schedule semiannual checkups at the dentist’s office to keep your mouth in optimal condition.