Could Your Toothache Be Something More Serious?

The source of a toothache can be the result of many different problems. Dental decay, gum disease, infection, broken tooth or something as simple as the need for teeth to be cleaned to remove something stuck between teeth can be the root of your discomfort. Making and keeping an appointment with your dental office will identify the problem and provide solutions to bring relief.

Any time the dental enamel is breached, the nerve of the tooth is exposed. Hot or cold food or beverages, sweets, or cold air … all of these things can cause a zinging sensation when there is a problem with one or more teeth.

Pain in a tooth is a sign there might be something serious such as:

Cavity – Dental decay occurs when built up bacteria results in a cavity.

Gum disease – Gingivitis can begin with bleeding or swollen gum tissue. When accompanied with chronic bad breath or teeth feeling loose, you can be faced with gum disease. Your dentist should be consulted right away to keep your condition from escalating to the more serious periodontitis.

Infection – When the nerve located in the root canal is damaged, the tooth may require endodontic therapy. This treatment involves the removal of the nerve, pulp tissue and blood from the tooth’s root in an effort to provide relief while saving the tooth.

Broken tooth – When a tooth is broken or severely decayed, often the best way to save the tooth is with a dental crown. This process involves the removal of a portion of the tooth, then capping it with a restoration that will match the surrounding teeth. A crown will save the base of the tooth while providing a lifelike substitution for what was removed.

Routine hygiene – Going to your dental office every six months for a professional cleaning will remove the plaque build-up that has formed since your last visit. Any discomfort resulting from the need to clean your teeth should be resolved during this appointment.

Mouth sores like a canker sore can create a lot of discomfort, but there are no serious ramifications for dental health. However, sores should be checked out that are persistent to make sure they are benign problems that will not escalate into anything more serious.

Consistent professional dental care in a DFW dental office can help you maintain excellent oral health for teeth and gums for a lifetime.