Endodontists deal with internal tooth structure and remedy problems with the pulp of a tooth and the tissues that surround the tooth root. Endodontic surgery includes root canals and treatments to resolve internal tooth problems caused by disease, tooth fracture, and other dental trauma.

This specialty is recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). An endodontist completes a 2- to 3-year training program approved by the ADA following graduation from dental school and may receive board certification from the American Board of Endodontists.

Endodontic treatment is extremely complex. Oftentimes, general dentists perform uncomplicated root canals but refer difficult or intricate cases, as well as cases requiring endodontic surgery, to endodontists. To resolve problems with infected tooth pulp, an endodontist will clean out the diseased tissue in the internal regions of a tooth, insert biocompatible filler in the canals, and then seal the tooth with a dental crown.

Endodontists also perform surgery necessary to treat diseased or damaged teeth.

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