Dentistry Myths: Only Children Get Cavities

best dentists in BedfordChildren are prone to suffer dental decay because of their food choices and the way they care for their teeth. And since children must rely on adults to take them to see the best dentists, if that care is not readily provided, the result is dental decay.

However, as adults we have the power and control over what we eat and drink; how we care for our teeth; and when we see the dentist.

Adults that do not recognize the value of proper oral care are very likely to suffer from cavities. Dental decay is the result of oral bacteria being allowed to grow on teeth. This is referred to as plaque build-up. As plaque grows, it can permeate the protective covering of the tooth (the dental enamel), and the result is a cavity.

This can be prevented from happening. Proper daily oral hygiene maintenance coupled with regular visits to your dentist for a thorough cleaning and dental exam are the primary ways to prevent dental decay. Limiting sugary snacks and beverages will help to keep plaque build-up to a minimum.

With correct daily hygiene care, the individual should brush at least twice every day with a fluoridated tooth paste or gel. Patients that are known to be susceptible to gum disease may also be instructed to use an anti-bacterial rinse.

The patient needs to floss daily. Flossing removes dental debris between teeth and at the gum line that your tooth brush may miss or can’t reach.

Visits to the dentist every six months (or more frequently for periodontally involved patients) will allow for plaque that has formed since the prior visit to be removed. A dental exam at least once each year will monitor the patient for dental decay or more serious concerns like oral cancer.

Going through life without ever experiencing a dental cavity is more possible now than ever. As children, teeth can be treated with a protective coating called a dental sealant. The sealant is painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth that have never experienced decay filling in the pits and cracks where cavities often start.

Fluoride in the water we drink also helps to protect teeth. Fluoride treatments are available from your dental provider if you are unable to get sufficient fluoride in the daily diet.

Dental cavities are preventable for people of all ages.