Enjoy Safety and Convenience with Digital X-rays

Radiography is an essential tool for modern dentists. It helps to showcase the hard tissues obscured by the gums, allowing your dentist to identify areas of concern between the teeth or in the jawbone.

Although dental x-rays are recommended annually, some patients are reluctant to get them due to concerns over radiation exposure. Now, though, your dental office may offer an option that reduces that risk – digital radiography.

The best dentists in Colleyville recognize that this new technology is a vast improvement over traditional x-rays in many ways. As such, many of these dentists have invested in bringing digital radiography equipment to their offices.

Because digital x-rays capture the needed images with a lower frequency of radiation, the patient is exposed to much less radiation than with conventional x-rays. This is the primary benefit of digital radiography in many patients’ minds.

Digital x-rays also are more efficient because the images are available for viewing on the computer in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to wait for the film to develop. The images are more readily manipulated and rotated to give the dentist a close-up view of the particular structures of interest.

Not only is your dentist able to access your x-ray images more quickly, it’s also easier to transmit electronically to other specialists who may be collaborating on your case.

Digital x-ray machines are generally more comfortable for patients, as well. There’s no need to bite down on a piece of plastic, as with standard x-rays. As any patient who’s had a standard x-ray can tell you, it’s an unpleasant sensation.

Even the staff at your dental office benefit from digital x-rays, by eliminating their exposure to the harmful chemicals used in developing conventional x-rays.

Digital radiography can be used for both intraoral and panoramic x-rays (those that capture an image of the entire jaw), so if your dentist is recommending an x-ray or needs further imaging to confirm a diagnosis, ask if this technology can be used for your case.