How can I help prevent my child from getting cavities?

dentists Dallas Fort WorthChildren rely on their parents, siblings, and caregivers to provide the information needed to grow up safely, and to guide them into adulthood in a healthy and advantageous fashion. This includes passing on all the tools needed to maintain excellent dental health – brushing, flossing and seeing the dentists that will work to keep your child decay free.

Preventing dental decay starts when the child is still in the womb. Mom should eat healthy and take the advised vitamins throughout pregnancy. Teeth are forming before birth so it follows that anything that mother does is going to impact her unborn child.

After baby arrives, it will be several months before teeth start to emerge. However, proper nourishment must still be maintained.

When teeth start to come in, it is important to follow a very basic but critical rule … that is not to put baby down for a nap or to bed at night with a baby bottle containing anything but water. Formula, milk, and juice may all seem like healthy choices; however, if your child falls to sleep with the sugary remnants of any of these beverages left in the mouth, plaque can form on teeth.

Just as dental plaque leads to decay in older children and adults, the same thing can occur for your baby. A cavity for your baby will cause discomfort, and is not a great start for baby teeth paving the way for the permanent teeth.

At around 12 months of age, it is time for baby to go to the dentist for the first time. Hopefully, this appointment will not be more than an introduction to the family dentist and to familiarize the child with their surroundings. This step will make upcoming visits to the dentist more comfortable for your child.

Consistent visits for a brief exam every six months will not only help monitor your child’s dental health but will give caregivers an opportunity to learn all the proper lessons to keep your child’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Very young toddlers and children require an adult’s help when learning to brush and floss. Allow the child to watch you brush and floss … example is a great teacher. Taking the child for regular dental cleanings and check-ups will be rewarded in keeping your child as decay free as possible.