How often should I replace my toothbrush?

You probably recognize that your home oral hygiene routine is just as important to maintaining your oral health as your semi-annual visits with the dentist.

The best dentists in Lewisville want their patients to be sure to use the right tools for optimal oral hygiene, and encourage patients to be sure that those tools are in good shape.

In the case of toothbrushes, this involves replacing them in a timely fashion. Toothbrushes are not meant to last forever. The bristles wear down and become less effective over time, failing to remove plaque adequately. The toothbrush may also accumulate bacteria.

Therefore, your dentist will probably make a recommendation that you swap out your toothbrush for a new one every three months. Some patients also prefer to get a new toothbrush after they have a cold or the flu or some other contagious disease to avoid re-exposure to those same germs.

If you use an electronic toothbrush, the same guidelines apply. The bristles on those devices will wear down, too. Replace the head (or the entire toothbrush if it doesn’t have a replaceable head) every three months.

Not only should you replace your toothbrush every three months, you should take good care of the brush during its lifespan. Rinse it thoroughly after every use, and keep it upright so it has a chance to dry. Carry a toothbrush in a protective case while traveling, too.

You should also be sure that you’re using the proper technique with your toothbrush. You can ask your dentist or hygienist for a quick review the next time you are in the office.

Good oral hygiene is essential to minimizing the presence of harmful oral bacteria that can cause cavities and gum disease, and an effective toothbrush is an important part of that effort. If you have any questions about the proper care and maintenance of your toothbrush, feel free to contact our team of dentists or ask a dental professional at your next appointment.