I chipped my front tooth. Now what?

Maybe you bit into a hard object unexpectedly, or maybe a slip or fall took a chunk out of one of your front teeth. Now you have a very noticeable chipped front tooth detracting from your smile, and you probably want to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Collin County dentists encounter this problem in many of their patients, and treatments are available to restore your smile’s original appearance.

If you do chip or crack a tooth, get to your dentist as soon as possible to have the problem addressed. In cases of chipped teeth, the patient should rinse the mouth with warm water, apply pressure if there is bleeding and use a cold pack over the lip in the area of the tooth to relieve pain. You may also want to take a non-prescription painkiller if you continue to experience discomfort.

If you can’t get to the dental office quickly, you can apply an over-the-counter dental cement to the area while you wait for an appointment.

To get your tooth back in shape, the dentist likely will cover in the empty space with filling or bonding material to help the patient get a more naturally shaped tooth. A crown may be necessary when a large portion of the tooth has been dislodged. On the other hand, very small chips may only need to be sanded down to reduce jagged edges.

All of these interventions can be completed right in the dental office in a short period of time.

Many tooth injuries don’t result in pain, but if the chip or crack is so deep that the inner nerve is exposed, you may experience some discomfort or unusual sensitivity. Seeking prompt treatment for a chipped tooth will also minimize problems occurring from this issue.

Rest assured that your smile can be restored following a chipped tooth. See a dental professional as soon as possible after the incident or accident that chipped your tooth for the best outcomes.