I want dentures. Where do I start?

If you need dentures, your first step should be to schedule an appointment with a prosthodontist, a dental specialist who focuses on fitting patients with various restorations and prosthetics, including dentures. In fact, one of the most common reasons that patients consult with a prosthodontist is to be evaluated for dentures. These prosthetic appliances are a popular choice for patients who have lost an entire arch or even an entire mouthful of teeth.

Prosthodontists typically schedule an initial evaluation with a patient who is in need of dentures. At that visit, the prosthodontist will gather all of the data needed to craft the denture and explain the process of creating the denture and fitting the patient with it. Today’s dentures are custom-designed to meet the patient’s unique specifications and ensure an optimal fit.

This appointment is painless. The prosthodontist will review your medical and dental history and take impressions of your gums that will be used to guide the proper contour of the prosthetic. Patients often visit the prosthodontist after all of the teeth have been removed, but the prosthodontist may be able to take impressions while a few remaining teeth are still in place.

After the prosthodontist has collected all of the necessary information, that data will be used to inform the design of the dentures and sent to a dental lab where the dentures are made. Some prosthodontists have labs in their offices, while others may use outside labs.

At that initial appointment or at a follow-up shortly thereafter, your prosthodontist may also educate you on what to expect as you adjust to your dentures. If you can be prepared for the changes and possible mild discomfort as you get used to wearing the appliance, the transition to dentures can go much more smoothly.

When the denture is ready, the patient returns to the prosthodontist’s office to be fitted for the appliance.

Modern dentures can be designed to look just like your natural teeth, and they are more comfortable and functional than the appliances that your grandparents wore. To learn more about the process of getting dentures, schedule your initial appointment with one of our skilled prosthodontists today.