Important Steps to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Our mouths are worked harder than we give conscious thought to; speaking from morning to night gives the tongue and teeth a workout; chewing food, snacks, gum keeps teeth busy; smiling is easier than frowning, but smiling puts our teeth on display. That is why we should follow the rules to maintain excellent oral health, which starts with a visit to the dentist.

Flossing teeth thoroughly each day will help keep plaque build-up to a minimum. Plaque has a tendency to start building up at the gum line, so flossing correctly is important. Floss also removes anything that gets lodged between teeth.

Brushing a minimum of twice per day will help keep teeth clean and bright. Using a cavity prevention tooth paste or gel is recommended.

Visiting the dentist every six months achieves the following:

  1. The hygienist will remove the plaque that has built up since your last dental visit.
  2. Teeth will be polished to be their brightest.
  3. A periodontal check will provide pocket depths around the teeth to identify any potential problems regarding gum disease.
  4. Dental x-rays are taken once per year with a full set of x-rays taken every five years. These x-rays will identify dental decay, teeth that may be impacted, or help diagnose dental problems like the need for a root canal.
  5. Exam by the dentist should be performed at least once per year. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about any concerns you might have regarding your oral health. The dentist will perform an oral cancer check in addition to looking for any abnormalities that might signal the need for further follow-up.
  6. Fluoride application can be done by your dental professional.

If teeth are not straight, your dentist can make a recommendation on how to correct the malocclusion. This will not only enhance your dental health, but will provide a smile makeover that will provide years of happy smiles.

Lost teeth can be replaced with a dental prosthetic; dull, drab teeth can be whitened; dental stain or misshapen teeth can be improved with dental veneers … cosmetic dentistry is no longer just for the wealthy.

Avoiding or limiting sugary snacks or beverages, eating a diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and following the rules outlined above by dentists in Dallas Fort Worth will help maintain healthy teeth and gums.