Improve your dental and physical health with orthodontic treatment

Many patients pursue orthodontic treatment primarily for the aesthetic benefits it offers, but braces give your oral health a big boost, too. As such, orthodontists are important resources who help patients improve their overall health.

In straightening the teeth, DFW orthodontists make it easier for patients to maintain their oral health. It can be challenging to keep misaligned teeth clean with routine brushing and flossing. It’s difficult to access the areas between overlapping teeth, and consequently those spaces can collect hazardous bacteria that cause a variety of problems.

Oral bacteria proorthodontists DFWmote gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth and bone loss in some cases. The effects of these conditions can become evident in other areas of the body, as well. Periodontal disease has been linked to a variety of systemic issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. Using orthodontics to prevent gum disease can be an effective strategy in decreasing problems presented by related conditions.

Orthodontists can help patients get better nutrition, too. By bringing the teeth and jaws into proper alignment, orthodontic treatment improves the bite and enhances chewing function. When patients can adequately chew their food, they do a better job of accessing that food’s complete nutritional value.

Of course, when orthodontic treatment improves patients’ appearances, it simultaneously gives them a psychological boost, which can also translate to better health. With better self-esteem, patients are less likely to develop conditions like addiction, depression and anxiety, which also can impact physical health.

The earlier patients seek orthodontic treatment, the earlier they can take advantage of these benefits. Beginning to correct tooth alignment in childhood sets the stage for good oral health that endures throughout the years. Adults who get braces can also improve their health, though, and the psychological lift can be even more dramatic for patients who have spent decades hiding an unattractive smile.

Orthodontic treatment has a variety of benefits. If you have been considering correcting your crooked teeth, consult with our team of experienced orthodontist to see how treatment might help you.