Is Invisalign a Treatment Option For Malocclusions?

best dentists in ArgylePatients are increasingly requesting the Invisalign orthodontic system from their dentists due to the many benefits the system offers.

Invisalign can straighten the teeth with minimal impact on the smile, and it is convenient for patients who don’t want to make drastic changes to their lifestyles or work multiple visits into their busy schedules.

When Invisalign was introduced, its effectiveness was rather limited and it was appropriate only for relatively simple cases.

Technological advances have expanded the scope of the Invisalign system, though.

The best dentists in Argyle now can use Invisalign in more complex cases, including with patients who have malocclusions, or “bad bites,” in addition to crooked teeth.

Correcting malocclusions is just as important as repositioning the teeth, because a proper bite is essential to good oral health. Misaligned jaws can cause pain and lead to poor nutrition in addition to being unattractive.

Invisalign can be particularly valuable for reversing malocclusions in teenagers, whose jaws are still growing. That growth pattern can be altered to force the jaws to meet. Dentists will often use elastics to connect the upper and lower aligners, as they would in traditional braces, for this purpose.

Some adults may be able to rely on Invisalign to treat mild to moderate malocclusions, as well. If movement of just a few millimeters is needed, Invisalign may work in a particular patient’s case.

In adults, however, the growth is complete, so it may be more challenging to affect the jaw’s alignment solely through Invisalign. An extraction may need to accompany the Invisalign treatment. Surgery may be necessary, as well, so discuss any concerns with your dentist.

The patient takes on a fair amount of responsibility with the Invisalign system in switching out the trays and closely following the schedule established by their dentists. When a patient has a malocclusion, this aspect of treatment takes on even greater importance. Invisalign may not achieve the identified outcomes if not used properly.

To learn more about this innovative orthodontic treatment option, contact one of our experienced dentists serving Argyle to see if the system would be effective for you.