Latest advances in dental technology

In recent years, advances in dental technology have improved patient experiences and outcomes in the dental office. In fact, patients have come to expect a certain level of tech savvy from their dentists, and they often feel reluctant to seek care at practices where older, outdated equipment is in use. Here are a few examples of technological upgrades in dental care.

Computers are increasingly important tools for dentists. Many offices have upgraded to digital radiography, or x-rays, which greatly benefit patients. Digital x-rays offer the same performance in terms of illustrating the inner structures of the teeth and jaw, but the radiation exposure is much lower than that of conventional x-rays. Plus, it’s much easier to transport your digital x-ray files to a specialist when necessary. Digital radiography is available for both bitewing x-rays and panoramic ones.

Innovative software packages can also help dentists plan treatment. Some programs offer dentists the luxury of “rehearsing” a surgery in advance by presenting a three-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth structure that can be used for a simulation. This type of software has allowed dentists to place dental implants in a single day, a feat that was unfathomable just a few years ago!

Lasers are also quite common in modern dental practices. Lasers can be used not only to speed up the teeth whitening process but also as surgical instruments. Periodontal, or gum, surgery can be performed more precisely when lasers are used instead of scalpels and lasers are useful for deep cleanings or root planings. Lasers have also showed promise in treating tooth decay—and eliminating the need for that pesky drill. Because lasers are accompanied by minimal discomfort, they often require little or no anesthetic, another benefit that appeals to many patients.

At your next visit to your DFW dental office, ask your dentist how the practice incorporates the latest technology into patient care. Then, take advantage of that technology to improve your experience.