Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums Through the Retirement Years

Just a few decades ago, the thought of an older adult keeping his or her biological teeth was almost unheard of, with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures being a foregone conclusion for most.

Advances in modern dentistry have made progress on this front, though, giving more senior citizens an opportunity to hang onto their natural teeth and keep those teeth looking spectacular, as well.

With a variety of techniques and procedures at their disposal, cosmetic dentists can help you keep your teeth looking beautiful well into your golden years. Your cosmetic dentist may provide routine care, such as cleanings and exams, to keep your pearly whites in tip-top shape, and give you guidance on dietary and lifestyle changes that may preserve your oral health.

Similarly, your dentist is an important resource for information on how your oral health needs change as you get older. For example, your physician may put you on a new medication that causes a side effect like dry mouth, which has an impact on your oral health. Your dentist can educate you on ways to compensate for such factors.

A cosmetic dentist may perform a variety of procedures designed to help older patients. Some of these treatments improve oral and overall health.

Dental implants are popular among older patients who need to replace missing teeth. Not only are they attractive and natural in appearance, but dental implants help to stabilize the underlying jawbone, preventing further tooth loss.

Certainly, some older patients still will want to consider dentures for various reasons, and rest assured that the appliances have come a long way. Your dentist can help make sure that your dentures meet your needs in terms of aesthetics and function.

Other procedures are used primarily for cosmetic purposes.

Teeth whitening is a particularly useful treatment for older patients, as a tooth’s outer enamel wears away over the years. The yellowish dentin underneath is exposed, but whitening treatments can reverse this process that results in a dingy smile.

Porcelain veneers can also be useful in concealing age’s negative effects on a person’s smile. Veneers can cover up chips or cracks in the smile or whiten teeth that don’t respond to bleaching agents.

To learn more about maintaining your smile throughout your retirement years, consult with our team of cosmetic dentists serving the DFW area about treatments that are appropriate for your case.