Orthodontic Treatment Options

Patients no longer have to settle for the crooked smiles that nature gave them. Orthodontists in DFW can correct virtually any flaws that have a detrimental effect on the smile’s appearance.

The classic orthodontic treatment familiar to most patients is the pairing of metal brackets with wires. The orthodontist uses these appliances to reposition the teeth over time, manipulating the strength and tension in the wire to move the teeth. Wires can be adjusted or replaced to increase or decrease tension as needed.

With this approach, the brackets are bonded to the teeth with a dental cement. The wires are held in place by bands that wrap around the bracket.

Oorthodontists DFWrthodontic appliances go beyond the brackets and wires, though. Orthodontists may incorporate a variety of devices to help patients achieve a stellar smile. Palate expanders, space maintainers and retainers all may play a role in guiding the teeth into their proper alignment. Orthodontists can also move the jaws into the proper position by using bands that connect the upper and lower arches.

For patients who long for a more attractive smile, the prospect of a mouthful of metal is less than ideal. One alternative is to ask the orthodontist for clear brackets, which are less noticeable.

Another option for orthodontic treatment allows the patient to wear a progressive series of clear aligner trays. This is the solution offered by the Invisalign system. These aligner trays are becoming increasingly popular among patients because they’re so convenient. The Invisalign system is barely even noticeable to an outside observer, and the patient won’t need to make any changes to oral hygiene routines or diet.

When the Invisalign system was first introduced, it was somewhat limited to straightforward cases in which patients had minor crowding or other misalignments. However, the technology has become more advanced, and the treatment is effective in increasingly complex situations, including malocclusions (“bad bites”) and severe crowding.

Regardless of the orthodontic approach, the treatment timeline will vary according to the degree of realignment required to achieve the desired outcomes. Talk with one of our orthodontists serving the DFW area as you enter the process to get some sense of what timeframe you can expect to be in orthodontic treatment.