Purpose of a mouthguard

With fall sports like soccer and football just around the corner, it’s time for athletes to take steps to protect their teeth as they get back in the game. Mouthguards crafted by the best dentists in Colleyville go a long way in preventing oral injuries in athletes who play contact sports.

Dentists urge patients to wear mouthguards while playing sports because trauma can have a significant impact on the teeth, jaws and soft oral tissues. For certain sports at the high school and collegiate levels, mouthguards are actually required pieces of equipment.

Not only do mouthguards prevent direct impact that could break or dislodge a tooth, they also help to absorb the impact of hits to the face, offering protection against jaw fractures. Dentists may also cite some evidence suggesting that mouthguards may even help to prevent concussions because of their shock-absorbing duties.

What’s the best way to select a mouthguard? Sure, you can head to your local sporting goods store and pick a boil-and-bite guard from the shelf. But it’s not likely to fit well, and it may even be uncomfortable, decreasing the likelihood that it will ever be worn.

Mouthguards that are custom-designed by dentists offer much better protection. The dentist takes a mold of the patient’s mouth, which is then used as a template for the mouthguard’s design. Professional quality mouthguards have a better fit and more comfort, and they don’t interfere with performance. That concern factors into reluctance to wear mouthguards among some athletes.

Mouthguards aren’t only useful for protecting against trauma sustained in sports. They can also be valuable for patients who grind their teeth at night, preventing damage from this bad habit, as well.

If you play a contact sport—even if you’re just a “weekend warrior,” you should seriously consider wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard. Our dentists serving Colleyville can fit you for one of these important devices.