Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

endodontists DFWPatients that experience dental nerve damage due to trauma or infection most often receive relief when the contents of the canal of the root of the affected tooth are removed. This treatment is often performed by a dentist that specializes in root canal therapy in the endodontist’s office.

Once the nerve has been traumatized, the only option is to remove it via a root canal; failure to perform this procedure will result in tooth extraction. Unfortunately, these are the only options for a patient that has sustained nerve damage … remove the nerve and contents of the canal or have the tooth pulled.

A root canal has received the reputation of being somewhat of an undesirable experience. However, an appointment with the endodontist is efficient, painless, and results in saving your tooth.

When you compare a root canal to having your tooth pulled, there is a huge advantage to endodontic therapy:

Root Canal:

  1. Treatment can be completed in about one hour.
  2. Once a tooth has erupted, the need for the dental nerve and the contents of the root canal serve no useful purpose. Their removal does not have any impact on the health of the tooth.
  3. The opening that is made to perform the root canal is sealed with either a composite resin restoration or a dental crown.

Tooth Extraction:

  1. When a tooth is removed, there is a permanent opening that should be replaced with some type of tooth substitute. A bridge, partial or dental implant are excellent options when tooth loss is unavoidable; however, when your tooth can be saved this is always a better option.
  2. Having a tooth removed can impact the ability to chew; words may be more difficult to pronounce; self-confidence may erode due to having a tooth missing.
  3. The financial investment for providing a prosthesis for a missing tooth is considerably more than endodontic therapy.
  4. The time involved for a root canal is about one hour. The appointments required to replace that lost tooth are numerous.

While cosmetic dentistry provides the ideal solution when tooth loss does occur, keeping your biological teeth for your lifetime is always best provided your teeth are well maintained and healthy.

Flossing and brushing daily coupled with seeing any of our top dentists every six months for cleaning and a dental exam will help ensure healthy teeth and gums for life.