The Latest Options for an Anxiety Free Dental Experience

DFW dental officeMany patients suffer severe anxiety at the mere thought of going to the dentist. When this type of fear is experienced, the patient may opt to skip going to their dental office for even regular cleanings opening the door for dental decay and gum disease to develop.

Your dentist may have the answer to relieve severe anxiety. Oral sedation is the perfect option for patient treatment including regular hygiene visits, needed dental repair, and optional cosmetic or corrective treatment.

Patients wishing to experience this freedom from fear can inquire about sedation dentistry at their dental office. The patient is provided with the medication and instructions for their upcoming treatment including:

  • Reliable transportation to and from their dental appointment is necessary as they will not be able to safely drive in their sedated state.
  • Patient should try to have someone to stay with them for several hours following treatment to ensure their comfort and safety.
  • Patient will take a sedative about one hour before their appointment allowing them to arrive at their dental office in a relaxed state.
  • The dentist will administer an additional sedative orally upon arrival. The patient is continually monitored from the time they arrive until they are cleared to leave the office.

Throughout their dental procedure the patient is awake; however, most patients that have undergone sedation dentistry feel like they slept with very little memory of treatment. This state of conscious sedation is advantageous for both the patient and dental provider.

The dentist or hygienist can work with the knowledge that their patient is comfortable and relaxed allowing treatment to be completed efficiently. And the patient is relaxed enough to undergo treatment without feeling anxious or afraid.

While it may be difficult to understand this type of fear, many children and adults do experience it. An unfortunate dental visit as a child can result in avoiding the dentist as a teen or adult. Fear of needles or fear of the unknown can lead to problems like dental decay or gum disease and the unpleasantries that accompany … like chronic bad breath, tooth loss, disappointing appearance, or crushed self-confidence.

Oral sedation is the perfect option to allow you to see your dentist for cleanings, exams, and needed treatment without the fear and dread that prevented you from making and keeping dental appointments in the past.