What Causes Crooked or Misaligned Teeth?

Very few people are born with a set of perfectly aligned teeth, and trips to orthodontists in DFW are a common experience for many teenagers and even adults who never had braces at a younger age.

Crooked teeth have a number of causes. Often, the main factor is genetics. Our parents contribute genetic material that influences the bone structures in our face. When DNA dictates that a patient’s jaw is too small or the teeth are too large to erupt in their proper positions, a misalignment will occur.

Early childhood habits, such as sucking on a pacifier or using a bottle for years, can also compromise the positioning of the teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth can also knock the teeth out of alignment as they continue to attempt to erupt.

If you are dissatisfied with your crooked teeth, you have a number of options for treatment. Our team of DFW orthodontists offer conventional braces, clear braces and Invisalign. Certain practitioners are even certified to provide a special type of braces that are attached to the lingual surfaces of the teeth (those that are closest to the tongue), making them completely invisible!

The various treatment options employed by orthodontists are based on the same general principles. Forces are applied to the teeth, disrupting the bone structures that hold them in their misaligned positions. The teeth are then moved into the correct alignment, and new bone solidifies to keep the teeth in those spots.

With standard treatment, the orthodontist achieves repositioning of the teeth via brackets and wires. The brackets can be made of metal or of a clear “tooth-colored” ceramic material that is less noticeable. Patients who choose this course of treatment can expect to wear their braces for at least 18-24 months, and they often have to alter their oral hygiene routines and diets to accommodate the appliances.

The Invisalign system is another choice. Rather than relying on metal appliances, Invisalign moves the teeth using a series of clear plastic trays to apply the needed forces. The patient replaces the trays approximately every other week. The trays can be removed, allowing the patient to maintain a normal daily routine, and the appearance is not affected, either.

Crooked and misaligned teeth are common, but fortunately the problem can be reversed, giving patients the opportunity to smile with confidence. If you have crooked teeth, consult with our skilled and dedicated team of orthodontists to learn more about your treatment options.