What causes white spots on my teeth?

best dentists in Tarrant CountyHave you noticed white spots on your teeth? If you have portions of your teeth that are unnaturally white and occur in streaked or spotted form, we encourage you to address your concerns at our practice, with some of the best dentists in our area, at your next appointment. The cause of your white spots or white streaks may be an indicator of tooth damage or simply a cosmetic issue. Fortunately, both of these causes are treatable with restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Causes of White Spots and Streaks

A common cause of a noticeably whiter spot on your tooth is tooth decay. In fact, a white spot can be an early indicator that a cavity is about to develop. This type of abnormal coloration occurs when tooth enamel is exposed to too much acid. Food and drink plays a role in stripping our tooth enamel, the protective coating around teeth, of important minerals. Over time, weakened enamel leaves teeth vulnerable to harmful oral bacteria. If the cause of your white spot or streak is the beginning of a cavity, our team may administer a fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel or place a filling. A filling is a small restoration that removes decay and protects teeth from further damage. Tooth-colored fillings, made from composite resin, can be used to discreetly restore your teeth.

Another cause that contributes to white spots occurs during tooth development. For example, clenching your teeth or mild trauma to the face can weaken enamel in developing teeth. In many cases, these types of spots are treatable with cosmetic dentistry.

A third and benign cause of white spots or streaks is overexposure to fluoride during childhood. Called fluorosis, this discoloration occurs when teeth are still developing and have not yet emerged through the gum line. Fluorosis results in white streaks or flecks on the enamel surface of teeth. Since this discoloration is largely a cosmetic issue, our team may use a combination of professional whitening treatments, mild abrasion and polishing, or composite resin bonding to conceal the affected areas.

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