What protection does a mouthguard provide?

Athletes who play any contact sport are encouraged to wear a mouthguard to prevent a variety of injuries and negative outcomes. This goes for football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and many others. Even patients who enjoy certain non-contact sports or even hobbies that pose the risk of oral injuries should consider mouthguards.

As your dentist will tell you, the protection provided by a mouthguard is wide ranging. Mouthguards can prevent dental trauma, broken facial bones and possibly even concussions, according to some research. Wearing a mouthguard may mean that you won’t need a root canal or some other extensive treatment later.

For patients with braces, a mouthguard may also protect the patient from damage to the soft tissues caused by contact with the brackets and wires.

Patients have a number of options for obtaining a mouthguard. They are available at your local DFW dental office, and these models are designed based on your mouth’s specific structure. The dentist will take impressions, which are then sent to a lab that is tasked with creating the mouthguard.

Alternatives are available at your local sporting goods store. You can buy a stock mouthguard that is ready to wear off the shelf or a boil-and-bite variety that requires a little more preparation.

Mouthguards are no place to save time, though. A mouthguard that you get at the dental office, which is custom-made according to the unique specifications of your mouth, is more effective than a boil-and-bite model. A custom mouthguard will stay in place and be more effective at absorbing the shock and dispelling the forces from a fierce hit.

Custom mouthguards are also more comfortable, which encourages athletes to actually use them. After all, what good is a mouthguard that sits on the bench all game?

Regardless of whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, you should be wearing a mouthguard. Contact our team of dedicated and experienced dentists serving the DFW area to learn more about the custom-made options that offer the best protection.