When can I expect my child to get permanent teeth?

Losing the first tooth and getting the replacement permanent tooth that follows is an important milestone in a child’s oral health. Parents want to know when to expect eruption of the permanent teeth so that they can know whether it may be necessary to consult a dentist in the case of an apparent delay.

Most children will get the first permanent tooth around age 6 or 7, and those teeth continue to erupt until the last, the third molars, begin to come in around age 17. The third molars, also known as the wisdom teeth, often become impacted and need to be extracted by a dentist or oral surgeon, however.

The first tooth to emerge in the upper arch is generally the first molar, while the earliest arrival on the lower arch is an incisor. The others follow until most of the permanent teeth are in place by around age 13.

If your child is older than age 6 or 7 and does not yet have any permanent teeth, you may want to schedule an evaluation with one of the best dentists in Bedford to determine if there’s a problem that warrants some sort of intervention to encourage tooth eruption.

Premature loss of the primary teeth can have a negative effect on the eruption of the permanent teeth. The primary teeth are placeholders for the permanent teeth, and if a baby tooth is lost too soon, the permanent tooth may come in too early as a result. If this occurs, your child’s dentist may recommend that a spacer be placed to hold the spot for later eruption of the permanent tooth.

Healthy permanent teeth that emerge in a timely fashion are important to a healthy, attractive smile. As with any oral health concerns regarding your children, be sure to consult with your child’s dentist to see if there are any problems with the eruption of permanent teeth that require a particular treatment.