Why Choose a Prosthodontist for Tooth Replacement?

best prosthodontist DFWWhen tooth loss occurs, the patient is faced with a multitude of issues … teeth should be replaced but what is the best method? How much commitment are you willing to make; is cost a contributing factor; what is your time frame; how old are you; are you in good physical health; what is your ultimate goal? These questions will be addressed when you schedule a consultation with the best prosthodontist.

A prosthodontist is a specialist dealing with replacing teeth that have been lost to trauma, decay, or dental disease. Additional education and experience in this field are the primary reasons to seek a specialist when the need to replace lost teeth is involved.

Your options are varied so once your needs are determined, the process to restore lost teeth can get underway.

Crowns – When dealing with broken or cracked teeth, or teeth impacted with excessive decay, crowns provide an ideal solution. A dental crown is also used to complete root canal therapy as a means to seal the tooth.

Bridges – When tooth loss involves more than one tooth, a dental bridge is an excellent option. A bridge is made up of abutment teeth (the outside teeth of the bridge) and the pontic(s) (the interior teeth of the bridge).  Your dentist will fabricate a bridge that will match surrounding teeth. A bridge can be removable or permanently affixed.

Dentures – When most or all of your teeth are lost a denture can allow you to resume eating, speaking, and smiling when prepared by a prosthodontist that will guarantee the best fit and functionality available.

Dental Implants – When tooth loss occurs, being able to restore that tooth so that it looks and feels just like the biological tooth you lost is most desired. That is most closely attained with the use of dental implants. Your dentist will place a titanium implant in gum tissue where the tooth or teeth have been lost.

Over the following four to six months (healing period), the bone surrounding the implant will fuse to it which will provide the strength and stability for the restoration best suited for your needs. An implant can be used in conjunction with crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Teeth are critical to every day functions like eating, smiling, and speaking. Choosing the right prosthodontist to restore those functions is critical to a happy outcome. Contact one of our skilled professionals today to learn more about your options.