Will a Root Canal Save My Tooth?

Losing a tooth during adulthood is a traumatic experience. Tooth loss affects a patient’s self-esteem and ability to chew food comfortably. When a patient suffers from a severely injured or damaged tooth, endodontists may suggest root canal therapy to save the tooth from being extracted. Simply put, root canal therapy literally saves a tooth from dying because it removes the painful and destructive infection that has breached the pulp chamber and root canal. An endodontist is a dentist who possesses specialty training and education to work with the inner structures of teeth.

In a healthy tooth, the root canal – where the nerve and cellular material reside – is sealed off from external compounds like harmful bacteria and debris from food particles. However, an exposed root canal from a cracked tooth or severe decay cannot self heal like other parts of the body. Over time, the infection will inflame the nerves producing discomfort and pain and eventually infect living tissues. When this occurs, the tooth ceases to produce new cellular material and will eventually die.

To prevent the tooth from dying or the infection from spreading beyond repair, your endodontist will perform a root canal treatment. Your dentist will clean away the infection and debris inside of your damaged tooth with tiny dental tools. The nerve(s) will be removed to prevent further discomfort and the inside of the tooth will be filled and sealed with a special rubber-like compound. Once the root canal is filled and sealed, the threat of infection is gone.

After root canal therapy, your dentist may need to restore the shape and size of your tooth. This may involve placing a crown or filling. Restoring a damaged tooth is important for maintaining a properly aligned bite, chewing food efficiently, and protecting the outer structures of the tooth from further damage.

To learn more about root canal therapy and how it can help you preserve your natural teeth, contact our endodontists serving the DFW area to schedule an appointment today.