Will braces interfere with playing sports?

orthodontists DFWDental braces are placed when teeth are misaligned creating a malocclusion. Braces will slowly move teeth to their correct position to provide a healthy bite and beautiful smile to last a lifetime. A consultation at your orthodontist’s office is the first step for this life changing process.

Children and adults wearing braces do have to be aware of the few limitations that must be observed such as:

  1. No sticky foods or treats like caramels; chewing gum must be eliminated for the duration of treatment.
  2. To protect the integrity of the wires that actually do the work to straighten teeth, knowing how to eat crunchy foods like carrots or apples is important. Foods should be cut up instead of biting directly into them.
  3. Playing sports, particularly the contact variety like football, require wearing a protective mouth guard. This will protect not only the braces, but the soft tissues in the mouth. But the best idea is to wear a protective mouth guard whether wearing braces or not whenever participating in any activity where there is potential for damage to the mouth.

Periodic visits to the orthodontist’s office will allow for needed adjustments to keep the straightening process on track. Wires will be checked to make sure they have remained intact; the wires will be tightened, which is the way teeth are allowed to shift. It is important to know that these visits to your orthodontist are not intended to take the place of the appointments needed every six months to clean your teeth.

Throughout orthodontic treatment, if a wire snaps, see your dentist as soon as possible. If you are faced with oral abrasions, you can be provided with a waxy substance to help protect the soft oral surfaces.

As with any change, an adjustment period will be needed to get comfortable with your braces. Your orthodontist is the perfect source of information to help guide you through this time. Questions can be addressed about how to care for your teeth (brushing and flossing daily); foods you can eat and the best way to eat them; any special care you must take to keep teeth and gums healthy during this time.

Always follow this advice and instructions … if rubber bands are issued, wear them. A special night brace may be provided as it is to expedite treatment.

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